If you use the same methods for working on comprehension, it can get a little boring for your student (and for you!).  Try some different strategies.

We are pro-phonics here at CTI.  Here is a way to teach a sound without having to prepare any lesson plans!  Give it a shot!

  • Before beginning a new book, preview the book with your student by reading the title and looking through some of the pages/pictures. Next, make a prediction about what might happen. Then, as you read, look to see if your prediction is accurate. This will help with comprehension — they have a new reason to pay attention to what they’re reading!
  • To teach a new sound, write 4 or 5 words that use that sound and see if your student can detect the pattern and the sound it makes (e.g. rain, aim, wait, train = “ai” in all words and it seems to make long a sound)