CTI: Background Check Instructions

Background Check Information for CTI Tutors

Here is a critical step: completing the background check that your school requires!  All NEW tutors require a background check and some returning tutors may be asked to do a renewal.

Not every school has the same policies and instructions.  Find your school below to read how you can get your background check completed!

Columbus City Schools (Avondale, Cranbrook, Eakin, Fairwood, Ohio Avenue, Starling, and Sullivant) 

New tutors AND tutors that began serving before Oct 2014 are required to complete a FBI/BCI fingerprint check.

Visit Central Ohio Youth for Christ (5000 Arlington Centre Blvd, Columbus, OH 43220 — you can park in the visitor lot and ring the doorbell at the side entrance).  Please call 614.848.4870 x6113 to schedule your appointment.  Please bring your ID.

Tutors are asked, if possible, to make a $23 donation to help absorb the $46 cost for completing the FBI/BCI check.  Tutors can provide the donation when they get the background check or can donate using an online form (select Columbus Tutoring Initiative on the “Donate To” line).

Dublin City Schools (Daniel Wright and Riverside)

Tutors at these schools will visit the Dublin City Schools website to complete an online background check.  Please designate your school’s name so the results can be sent to the correct location.

Hilliard City Schools (Beacon, Britton and Hilliard Crossing)

Tutors at these schools will visit the Hilliard City Schools website to complete an online background check.  The tutor will pay $16.95.  Tutors will apply for a renewed background check every three years.

Southwestern City Schools (Finland, Harmon, Prairie Norton, Stiles, West Franklin)

Tutors will receive specific background check instructions from their program coordinator once they apply.

Westerville City School (Huber Ridge and Wilder)

Tutors at Huber Ridge will fill out paperwork provided by your Program Coordinator.

Tutors at Wilder should follow the instructions listed above for Columbus City Schools.


Thank you for completing this important step!