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Tutoring Tips #5
December 5, 2015

1.  Are you looking for a short story (with related comprehension questions) that is based on your student’s interests?  Try  Last year,…

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Tutoring Tips #4
November 23, 2015

We’ve recently heard feedback about how it can be difficult to work with a student with attention concerns.  The first tip…

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Tutoring Tips #3
November 17, 2015

Here are some tutoring tips that you can try.  If you have alphabet letters or flashcards, take turns forming words and…

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Tutoring Tips #2
November 2, 2015

Give these tutoring tips a try! 1. If a student is easily distracted, try working with your student in front of a plain wall….

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Tutoring Tips #1
October 26, 2015

Each week we’ll post some tutoring tips.  Some will be reminders for our orientation attendees while others will be extra strategies…

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