This page is designed with you, the tutor, in mind! Below, you’ll find links to our favorite resources, great tips to help you throughout the tutoring year, and relevant videos to help tutor your student or run a CTI program.

Leading a Program:

Within CTI, there are several roles that help the overall initiative run smoothly! The CTI Program Consultant works hand in hand with the tutoring Program Coordinator, Church/Business Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, School Liaison and the Tutor at each tutoring site. To learn more about these roles, enroll in this free course today!

Working with Students with Attention Concerns:

Many tutors can become a bit overwhelmed when they meet with a student with attention concerns.  At most schools, students and tutors are meeting a room full of other tutors and it can be quite a challenge to work on literacy skills.  In 2013, we asked Reading Intervention Specialist Erin Flory to share with us some ideas she had for working with these type of students.

You can click here to read a one-page summary of the strategies discussed.

Sample Tutoring Session:

For many of us, we learn best by observation!

A few years ago, we filmed a sample tutoring session with Anna Knotts tutoring a second-grader named Willow.  It’s helfpul to see a tutor work through common challenges (like a student who is eating their lunch while you’re trying to help them read).

This resource is the only one that requires a small fee ($5).  We think it’s a good investment for you and your student!

Check out the course at this link.

Bedtime Reading for Children:

While volunteer tutors can make an impact in the school setting, there is a significant role for parents/guardians.

Here is a great article about how parents/guardians can use stories during the bedtime routine to help improve literacy skills.

Check it out!

Volunteering for Seniors wants to help seniors live longer, healthier lives.  That’s why they’ve written a guide called How to Volunteer as a Senior.

You can find the guide here.

Consider sharing this resource with seniors who may be hesitant to tutor with us.

A Great Reading List

Modern Castle assembled a great list of the 50 Best Children’s Books of All Time.  Additionally, the link reminds us of the significance of literacy and offers some general tips for reading with children.

Enjoy checking out the list!